John Common’s Tom Waits Tribute – 12.23.2006 @ Mercury Cafe

Digging into the vaults for this show, which closed out my run of concerts in 2006 and goes into the books as one of my favorite musical experiences for that year…

As a long-time Tom Waits fan, I was super-psyched when John Common told me of the initial plans to organize a tribute at the Mercury Cafe.  A cast of top-notch Denver musicians was invited to perform some of their favorite Waits tunes.  To sweeten the pot (and after weeks of rehearsing), John and his band topped off the night with a performance of the entire Rain Dogs album.

Immediately after the show, I hopped in the car and headed to MO for the holidays, losing track of the recordings in the process.  After searching for a few months, I gave up the hunt, assuming that they must have been buried with my defunct laptop.  And then, a year and a half later, I was cleaning out another computer.  Noticing some mysteriously named audio files taking up ~1GB on the hard drive, I opened them for a listen…behold, complete audio from the Rain Dogs show!

John Common and Friends
Tom Waits (Rain Dogs) Tribute
The Mercury Lounge, Denver, CO

Source:  Microtech Gefell M300’s > Lunatec V3 (opti-mod) > Nomad JB3 > FireWire > WAV > mp3
Taped by:  Lance Stack


(Tribute Set)
1. intro
2. Tom Traubert’s Blues – Bradley Weaver
3. Yesterday Is Here – Marty Jones
4. Long Way Home – Dewey Paul Moffitt
5. Ol’ 55 – Dewey Paul Moffitt and Jed Marrs
6. Pony – Ed Skibbe
7. New Coat of Paint – Ed Skibbe
8. unknown – Jack Redell and Matt Gilliam
9. Dirt in the Ground – Kevin Meyer and Jed Marrs
10. I’ll Shoot the Moon – Corey Teruya
11. Make It Rain – Eli Mishkin
12. Filipino Box Spring Hog – Eli Mishkin

(Rain Dogs Set)
13. intro
14. 9th & Hennepin
15. Clap Hands
16. Big Black Mariah
17. Hang Down Your Head
18. Singapore
19. Time
20. Tango Till They’re Sore
21. Union Square
22. Downtown Train
23. Gun Street Girl
24. Cemetery Polka
25. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
26. Walking Spanish
27. Diamonds And Gold
28. Blind Love
29. Rain Dogs
30. Anywhere I Lay My Head

Lineup for Rain Dogs Set:
John Common, Jed Marrs, Kevin Meyer, Tom Germain, John Horan, Matthew Gilliam, Cheyenne Kowal, Natasha Fortis.

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  1. Comment by Kopke Silver Eye — November 8, 2008 @ 8:23 am

    John Common manages to slaughter even the simplest songs in this marvelous album by Tom Waits. What a waste of tape (say hard drive) in these recordings….

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