Damien Jurado – 4.05.2009 @ Hi-Dive

News of Damien Jurado’s new LP hitting stores next month has roused me into posting  his solo show in Denver last spring.  I’ll be out of town for his appearance at the Hi-Dive on 6/4/2010, but if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check him out.

Damien Jurado
Hi-Dive, Denver, CO

Source:  Microtech Gefell M300’s > Lunatec V3 > digi-coax > Oade Mod Edirol R44 @ 24/48 > WAV > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Resample to 16/44.1 > CDWave > LAME > mp3
Taped by:  Lance Stack

1. (new song)
2. Ohio
3. banter
4. (new song)
5. Abilene
6. Johnny Go Riding
7. Last Rights
8. Sheets
9. banter
10. Medication
11. What Were The Chances
12. Letters And Drawings
13. I Can’t Get Over You
14. The Killer
15. Shannon Rhodes
16. Lose My Head

Laura Gibson opened the show.

A zipfile of mp3s is available here.
FLAC files are available on dime.

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  1. Comment by Brad Richards — April 13, 2011 @ 2:50 am

    Hi, I’m not really much for music but I found Postcards and Audio Letters interesting. The copy was not mine, but I chanced upon it when rummaging through my roommate’s old stuff. What would you recommend as his best pieces? Thanks!

    Brad Richards
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  2. Comment by Elliptical vs Treadmill — April 15, 2011 @ 7:24 am

    Thanks for the songs..the quality is great. I’ll definitely recommend that you check out his “Saint Bartlett” album, which was released later last year. I think it’s still available on amazon.


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