The Moondoggies – 6.13.2012 @ Hi-Dive

The Moondoggies
Hi-Dive, Denver, CO

Source:  Mix [Microtech Gefell M300’s > Lunatec V3] + [SBD > RCA > XLR] > Oade Mod Edirol R44 @ 24/48 > SDHC > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Mixdown > CDWave
Taped by:  Lance Stack

1. intro
2. Lead Me On
3. Black Shoe
4. ‘ol Blackbird
5. Don’t Ask Why
6. If At First
7. Ain’t No Lord
8. Undertaker
9. Stop Signs
10. sick break *
11. Just Makes Sense to Me
12. It’s a Shame, It’s a Pity
13. Midnight Owl
14. Night and Day

* = Kevin was very sick and took a 10-minute break to gather up strength for a few more songs

A zipfile of the MP3s is available here.
FLAC files are available at the LMA.

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