Jackson Browne – 8.21.2011 @ Folks Festival

Jackson Browne
Folks Festival, Planet Bluegrass Ranch, Lyons, CO

Source:  MBHO KA200N [DINa] (A81WS screens) > Active Cables > MBHO MBP 603A > GAKables Interconnect > Lunatec V3 > Oade Mod Edirol R44 @ 24/48 > SDHC > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Resample to 16/44.1 > CDWave
Taped by:  Lance Stack

1. The Barricades of Heaven
2. Giving That Heaven Away
3. These Days
4. Off of Wonderland
5. The Pretender
6. Something Fine
7. In the Shape of a Heart
8. For Everyman
9. For A Dancer
10. “sustainable festivation”
11. If I Could Be Anywhere
12. Take It Easy
13. Our Lady of the Well
14. Don’t Let Us Get Sick
15. Life’ll Kill Ya
16. Running On Empty
17. I Am a Patriot
18. Before the Deluge

A few very strong wind gusts broke through my A81WS windscreens, but overall these occurrences aren’t too distracting.

FLAC files are available via BitTorrent at COtapers.

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  1. Comment by Cyndi — August 25, 2011 @ 6:24 pm

    Unbelievably beautiful. Thank you Jackson Browne!!!! Time after time, again and again, your voice (perfect!) and musicality blow me away. (You’re pretty funny too :)

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