Agent Orange – 2.02.2013 @ Seventh Circle

(Photo by Bob Osborne.  Check out his outstanding work here!)

In a last-minute matinee show, Agent Orange filled Seventh Circle to capacity with an all-ages crowd this past weekend.  Their hour-long set is a testament to just how much fun a punk show can be!

Agent Orange
Seventh Circle Music Collective, Denver, CO

Source:  Schoeps MK4’s [DINa] > Vark KCY > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 @ 24/48 > microSDHC > Adobe Audition CS6 > Resample to 16/44.1 > CDWave
Taped by:  Lance Stack

1. unknown *
2. unknown *
3. Everything Turns Grey
4. Tearing Me Apart
5. Secret Agent Man
6. It’s All A Blur
7. Too Young To Die
8. Say It Isn’t True
9. This House Is Haunted
10. No Such Thing
11. Cry For Help in a World Gone Mad
12. Voices (In The Night)
13. America
14. Whistling Past The Graveyard
15. Breakdown
16. Police Truck
17. Mr. Moto
18. It’s In Your Head
19. Somebody To Love
20. I Kill Spies
21. El Dorado
22. Living In Darkness
23. Bloodstains
24. The Last Goodbye
25. Pipeline

* = the PA lost power during the first two songs, so the band jammed without vocals.

A zipfile of the MP3s is available here.
FLAC files are available upon request.

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  1. Comment by Darin — February 12, 2013 @ 1:03 am

    Song 1 is Miserlou
    Song 2 is Bite the Hand That Feeds (instrumental version)

    Thanks for posting this. Always good to hear these guys.

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